How to Call a Taxi in Hamburg

Taxi in Hamburg Germany

Taxis in Hamburg can be recognized by their pale yellow finish and their taxi sign on top. When you spontaneously need a taxi, you could watch out for one with a shining yellow taxi sign on top, which indicates its availability, and give the driver a waving sign. If you wish to call a taxi, there are five companies that operate all over the city:

In case you prefer to order one via mobile app, you could download the mytaxi app or the Hansa-Taxi app. Both taxi apps offer an English interface and are available for iPhones and Android Smartphones; mytaxi in addition for Windows Phones and BlackBerry. Both apps do automatically use your current location as starting point, plus you can track your taxi driver while he or she is approaching. In case you don’t have a data roaming package and rely on WiFi, calling a taxi might be the cheaper way.

The taxi rate in Hamburg is legally fixed and therefore binding for each taxi company and driver. If you want to know in advance how much a specific distance will cost you, the Taxi Fare Calculator provides you with a very good estimation. You can simply enter two street names or districts of Hamburg and the website will make its calculation based on the taxi rate for Hamburg. Just to give you an idea: a taxi ride from Hamburg Airport to Hamburg Hbf, our central railway station, costs approximately 25 € for 11,1 kilometers.

Tip: This route can be way cheaper and equally fast (25 minutes) if you decide to use public transport instead. Save ~90 % and pay only 3,30 € to reach the inner city using the S1 rapid transit railway.

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8 thoughts on “How to Call a Taxi in Hamburg

    1. Travel to Hamburg

      Hi Marge,

      up to four adults fit into a regular taxi if three passengers squash into the back seats. To get a so-called Großraumtaxi for up to eight people, either you are lucky that a minibus is already available in front of the terminals, or you can use the numbers listed above to call one once everyone picked up their luggage. I am sure that the drivers who are waiting outside will call a Großraumtaxi for you, too. However, this can take a while and be aware that an additional fee of 6 € will be charged if more than four people are riding along.


  1. Christian Gonzalez


    My question is how late do the taxis in hamburg run? Are they 24/7 like most of the main cities in Germany?

    1. Travel to Hamburg

      Hi Christian,

      yes, you can call a taxi 24/7, only in the less central regions of Hamburg you might need to wait a bit because there are perhaps less taxis nearby than during the day.


  2. shirley

    We are travelling to Hamburg tomorrow 24th iam taking my mother whom needs wheelchair also what is best way to travel into city we staying in city there will be 5 people in total

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