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What clothes to pack for Hamburg: Onion look

For quite a while I have been considering to provide you with a packing list for Hamburg. There is of course no “one list fits all”-solution, but I thought about a general guideline. Finally, I simply want to write about the one principle that is applicable for every season of the year: Pack clothes that can be worn as Zwiebellook, the layered onion look. Depending on the particular day, time, sunshine/clouds and the area you want to go to (e.g. the windy harbour), temperatures can feel quite different during your stay.

Also, do not check the Hamburg weather forecast two weeks ahead – the reality is, it can be quite different until you are here. If you are coming during summer, you may still encounter one of those surprisingly rainy and windy days that suddenly feel like autumn – keeping my fingers crossed that this is not going to happen. Equally, we already had the most wonderful days in the supposedly colder season, up to +20 °C in December! These are of course only exceptions, but be prepared and check Hamburg’s weather max. 3 days in advance.

Tip: When you are here and wonder if you need to carry your umbrella with you, I always like to have a quick look at the current Hamburg rain radar because blue sky can be as misleading as clouds.

World Travel Adapter

German Power Point
Images © Tom.R (left); Marc Boberach (right) / PIXELIO

As you are going to take electronic devices with you, don’t forget the right amount of World Travel Adapter Plugs to use or charge them. Make sure you count all of your electronic devices in advance so that you don’t have to decide between either charging your Smartphone or your Digital Camera – and then not being able to use your Laptop. Moreover, remember that our voltage might differ from yours, in that case you need to check if you can switch your electronic devices to 230 V. The picture above shows how the German power point and the corresponding Europlug looks like.