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Pure Happiness: Handmade Chocolate by Leysieffer

Not sure how you feel about chocolate – for me, there’s no adequate substitute. If you want to enjoy high quality chocolate and bring a few (or more) pieces of happiness back home, I’d recommend to visit Leysieffer in the Hanseviertel shopping mall.

Handmade Chocolate by Leysieffer
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Leysieffer is well-known for creating handmade chocolate truffles, chocolate bars, Baumkuchen, and many more sweet temptations since 1909. According to their company philosophy (and my own gustatory nerves), quality is their top priority, which means they are focusing on natural ingredients and fresh produce originating from Osnabrück, Germany.

Their chocolate store in Hamburg opens Monday till Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm. Looking at the picture above I feel like I need to shop there again as well – what about now…

Leysieffer Chocolate Store in the Hanse Viertel Shopping Mall
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Innovative Home and Office Accessories by Werkhaus

Since 1992, the German brand Werkhaus builds functional and decorative products for your home and office based on their award-winning connecting system. Here’s what I like about them in a nutshell: They offer innovative products made of environmentally friendly recyclable materials, demonstrate social responsibility by employing people with physical or emotional disabilities, and their entire production is made in Germany with focus on reducing CO2 emissions. More details on their company ethics can be found here.

Home and Office Accessories by Werkhaus
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In my view, Werkhaus is a great company to support and their creative construction and design style results in real eyecatchers. Since their products come unassembled, you can easily transport them back home. In case you’re looking for a special gift or unique home and office accessories for yourself, check out their shop at Hermannstr. 14 next to the Europa Passage:

Natural Beauty: Jislaine Naturkosmetik

If you love natural cosmetics and soft skin, I can recommend products from Jislaine Naturkosmetik, a brand founded in Hamburg. My favorite product is their 100 % Organic Coconut Butter that melts to oil due to your body temperature while you massage it into your skin or dry hair-ends. Since it consists of pure, cold-pressed coconut oil, the butter scents wonderfully just like real coconut – absolutely gorgeous! So take care, if you try the butter once you won’t want to use a product with artificial coconut fragrance anymore… just be aware: When the temperature rises above 25 °C, the texture changes to oil, which means you need to open the jar carefully. The texture changes back to butter under colder conditions.

To clean and peel sensitive skin, try Jislaine Naturkosmetik’s range of Konjac Sponges, my second favorite! They are 100 % natural facial and body cleansing sponges with a very soft texture made from vegetable Konjac fibers. Don’t be irritated that they appear rather small and solid – once soaked with water, they gain size and amazing softness, but keep a pleasant peeling effect while you massage your skin. Perfect for daily use!

You can buy Jislaine Naturkosmetik’s Organic Coconut Butter (~13 €) and Konjac Sponges (~6 €) for example in the drugstore Budnikowsky within the centrally located Europa-Passage:

Design meets Functionality: Leather Bags by CHI CHI FAN

Diamonds Handbags are a girl’s best friend! Looking for a practical and classy souvenir that reminds you of Hamburg each day? Then visit CHI CHI FAN‘s charming store, centrally located in Hamburg’s main shopping area between Jungfernstieg and Gänsemarkt. Since 2002, CHI CHI FAN Hamburg is known for designing timelessly beautiful leather bags and accessories in Hamburg, and each piece successfully combines design with functionality! Some of my favorite items:

Leather Bags Chi Chi Fan Hamburg Germany
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What I like about the brand: Women’s bags in general are far too often overloaded with design elements or not really practical. CHI CHI FAN Hamburg manages to create functional yet pretty bags for both private and business contexts that are an eyecatcher through quality of the material, appealing colors, and most of all understatement thanks to clean and elegant shapes. Interested? Then visit the store located at Poststraße 25: