How to Rent a City Bike in Hamburg

StadtRAD City Bike Rent in Hamburg Germany

Exploring the city by bike is a good alternative to public transport, especially when the weather is fine. You will discover more interesting places and save a significant amount of time compared to walking. StadtRAD Hamburg offers you a flexible and cheap way to rent and return a city bike on various spots within Hamburg. You can register spontaneously on one of the terminal locations using your credit card, or register online in advance if you already know you prefer a city tour by bike. StadtRAD Hamburg has a very informative video explaining their system in English on their website.

Prices and tariffs of StadtRAD Hamburg

StadtRAD Hamburg comes with an initial fee of 5 €. But: These 5 € will be added to your credit balance for future use, valid for twelve months following the date of registration. Within the normal tariff, city bike tours between 1-30 minutes are free of charge. Each minute on top costs 8 cents per minute, one day (24 hours) will maximally amount to 12 €.

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4 thoughts on “How to Rent a City Bike in Hamburg

    1. Travel to Hamburg

      Hi Petur,

      yes, there are some nearby. You can view all StadtRAD locations in a map on their official website. The closest one is station no. 2396, Röntgenstraße/Philips. You could also take the S1 train for one station to Ohlsdorf using a Short Journey Ticket to StadtRAD station no. 2397, Alsterdorfer Straße/Fuhlsbüttler Straße.


  1. Nina

    Hi! As a couple, do both people need to register or can one user release two bikes at the same time?

    1. Travel to Hamburg

      Hi Nina,

      good question! One registered user can rent up to two bikes, so when you are traveling as a couple only one registration is needed. 🙂


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