Best Youth Hostels in central Hamburg

If you are looking for a low-budget accommodation, there are several hostels in Hamburg that offer private rooms as well as dormitories for single travellers, groups, couples, and families. In general, these hostels can be divided into independent, privately owned hostels and two that are part of the German Youth Hostel Association (Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk, DJH).

DJH Hostels in Hamburg

As a prerequisite to stay in one of the two DJH hostels, you are required to become a member in the Youth Hostel Association of your home country for a relatively low annual fee (check out to find more information on your national rates) or to purchase an International Guest Card with international validity here in Hamburg for 18 €. This card entitles you to profit from reduced rates within the following 12 months starting from the date of issue. Alternatively to the one-time payment, you could also choose the additional fee of 3,50 € per night option which represents the cheapest way in case you know you are going to stay a few nights only. Group memberships for school classes are available, too. The two DJH hostels in Hamburg are:

Tip: If I had to choose between these two DJH Hostels from a single travellers’, couples’, or families’ perspective, I would book a bed in Auf dem Stintfang because this hostel is located directly at the port of Hamburg offering an awesome harbour view, many cultural and nightlife attractions are within walking distance, and it’s only a 20 minutes sightseeing walk to the main shopping area. Alternatively, you will find several public transport trains and buses just a few steps away and it’s only a five minutes ride from Landungsbrücken to Rathausmarkt.

Horner Rennbahn, by comparison, is less centrally located in a quite unspectacular area. You are always dependent on either catching a bus or walking for ten minutes to reach the nearest train station in order to explore the city. This might appear like a minor factor, but during my own city trips I enjoyed short distances or at least direct public transport connections to spend less time “commuting” to my room and back (think about those shopping bags that tend to feel heavier and heavier…). The closest points of interest starting from Horner Rennbahn are the Racecourse Horn and the shopping center Wandsbek Quarree that also features a CinemaxX movie theater. A bowling alley and a billiard café are also nearby. If you are on vacation with a group of friends and interested in these leisure activities or specifically looking for a low-priced accommodation that also offers several meeting rooms, this hostel would be my preferred choice.

Privately managed Hostels in Hamburg

You can also choose between several privately managed hostels in Hamburg that do not require a membership. Some of them are following a creative concept and I would recommend to take a closer look at picture galleries and especially evaluations from past visitors to check which accommodation matches your expectations best in terms of service, cleanliness, and party/street noise. Though I have not stayed in these accommodations myself, I want to list a few hostels that are centrally located, have reviews above average, and stand out from the usual with interesting concepts and/or interior decorations.

Pyjama Park – Schanzenviertel
Fritz im Pyjama – Schanzenviertel

St. Pauli:
Pyjama Park – St. Pauli
Superbude – St. Pauli
Backpackers – St. Paul
Hamburger Alm – St. Pauli

Central Station:
Generator – Central Station
Superbude – Central Station

Map of Hostels in Hamburg

Here are the locations of all hostels that I mentioned at a glance. I highlighted the two DJH hostels in orange and the privately managed hostels in blue.

More lower priced accommodations

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