Live on stage: The best Musicals in Hamburg 2017

Excited about musicals? Following New York and London, Hamburg is the world’s third biggest musical metropolis. Stage Entertainment does always host four different musicals simultaneously that attract more than two million visitors per year. If you think about attending one of them but you struggle to decide which, I embedded official videos for you to catch a glimpse and discover which one you prefer. Disney’s Aladdin and Disney’s Der König der Löwen both guarantee fun for people of all ages – however, my personal highlight is Tanz der Vampire, which is back in Hamburg till January 2018!

Once you make your decision to book tickets, you can switch the language of Stage Entertainment‘s booking process to English after you started your ticket search for the period of your vacation. Enjoy a magnificent performance!

Disney’s Aladdin

Disney’s Aladdin celebrated its Europe premiere in Hamburg in December 2015 and tells the magical story of Aladdin, Dschinni, and the famous three wishes. The colorful Arabian Nights production receives very good reviews.

Disney’s Der König der Löwen

Disney’s Der König der Löwen is an all-time favorite and on stage since December 2001. The unforgettable experience begins with an Elbe river shuttle to reach the southern side of the port of Hamburg – an additional highlight that makes this event even more special.

Kinky Boots

Kinky Boots is an award-winning Broadway musical that has already been performed successfully in several countries around the world. The Germany premiere in Hamburg takes place in December 2017. The musical with music and lyrics by Cyndi Lauper is about “having a great time and celebrating who you are.” – Jerry Mitchell

Back in Hamburg: Tanz der Vampire

Tanz der Vampire is simply fabulous! I have visited this musical already twice in Hamburg and Berlin a few years ago and am going to see it again. Tanz der Vampire has a unique combination of mystery, love, drama, humor, fantastic music and impressive scenery. The musical ticket also includes an Elbe river shuttle to the event location.

Map of Hamburg’s Musical Locations

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      Hi Ali,

      yes, the Lion King is performed in German and I am unfortunately not aware of any English events in this regard. The only place that offers English shows is – this is a traditional theatre, so maybe not what you are looking for… nevertheless, I wish you a great stay in Hamburg!


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