Planten un Blomen: The most popular park in Hamburg

Planten un Blomen in Hamburg Germany

Very close to Hamburg’s shopping area is our famous public park Planten un Blomen located, the perfect place to rest and enjoy various plants (Planten) and flowers (Blomen) and cultural events. Planten un Blomen is equally popular among Hamburgers and visitors to go for a walk, relax, and be fascinated by nature’s beauty. It contains the old Botanical Garden of Hamburg and features several Botanical Theme Parks:

  • the Rose Garden that contains more than 300 species,
  • the Mediterranean Terraces with different southern plants,
  • the Apothecary Garden that shows many medicinal plants,
  • the Greenhouses with a variety of exotic plants from different climate zones,
  • and the largest Japanese Garden in Europe.

Tip: If you love tea and walk through Planten un Blomen in the afternoon, you can visit a tea ceremony that takes place in the Japanese Garden’s Tea House from Tuesday till Saturday 3 pm to 6 pm between May and October.

Tip: If you are travelling with kids, the park does also contain great playgrounds as well as areas for rollerblading, playing minigolf and jumping on trampolines.

Daily Water Fountain Shows

Every year, it’s a highlight for the whole family to attend the water fountain shows or the atmospheric water-light concerts that are performed on the park lake throughout the summer months. From May till early October, there will be water fountain shows each day at 2 pm, 4 pm, and 6 pm. On Sundays and public holidays, the 2 pm show will take place with music, otherwise silently.

Tip: I would recommend to go to the water light concerts (also daily) in the evening hour because it is even more impressive when the fountains shine colorfully illuminated in the dark. From May till August at 10 pm and from September till early October at 9 pm, these concerts are performed live by two artists who navigate the water fountains and the 762 colorful spotlights in accord with the music.

Water Light Concert and Fountain Show Planten un Blomen in Hamburg Germany

On top of these events, you can also enjoy free classical or jazz concerts and further cultural performances within the park. You’ll find an overview of current and upcoming events here (in German).

Planten un Blomen Opening Hours

  • 7 am to 10 pm from April 1st till April 30th
  • 7 am to 11 pm  from May 1st till September 30th
  • 7 am to 8 pm from October 1st till March 31st

Entrance is free and if you are coming from Hamburg’s central shopping area, you will find the closest entrance next to the public transport stations Hamburg Dammtor or Stephansplatz. The Greenhouses open a bit later at 9/10 am (on workdays/weekends and public holidays) and they close earlier at 3:45/4:45/5:45 pm (November till February/March till October on workdays/March till October on weekends and public holidays).

Aerial View of Planten un Blomen

I really like the following aerial shot, which shows you a section of Planten un Blomen including Hamburg Dammtor on the right-hand side of the tall Radisson Blu Hotel as well as the park lake where the water fountain shows take place. If you visit Planten un Blomen during your stay in Hamburg, I’m looking forward to hear form your experiences in the comment section below – if you still remember this website. 😉  Have a great time!

Aerial View of Planten un Blomen in Hamburg Germany

Images © (1) / PIXELIO; Travel to Hamburg (2); Winfried Steinke (3) / PIXELIO
Video © Hamburger Senat / YOUTUBE

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