24 hours Time lapse Video of Hamburg

This wonderful time lapse video shows 48 locations within 24 hours in Hamburg, produced by students of Hamburg’s University of Applied Sciences. It provides you with a great illustration of Hamburg before you go for a sightseeing tour yourself. Thanks to the subtitles, you will recognize many of the places that I refer to on Travel to Hamburg.

Technically, the video is based on over 12.000 single photos that were taken between October 2012 and January 2013. An amazing result, isn’t it? The students also created a map on Google Maps, which gives you an overview of their shooting locations.

A film by Yves Pascal Eckhardt & Janina Winkler
Postproduction by Yves Pascal Eckhardt
Music by Christian Rühle & Jannik Schneider

The film was produced at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences,
Faculty of Design, Media & Information, Department of Media Technology, study course Media Technology.

Video © Urban Life Timelapse / VIMEO

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